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Technical Presentations

* Project Management

* Piano Scale Evaluation

* NEW!!!
iBook : Tuning a Piano from a C5 Fork

Key Recovering

Scale Evauation Services

Beat Rates

7bps (F3-A3)

9bps (A3-C#4)

11bps (C#4-F4)

1bps (A3-D4)

3beats-5seconds (F3-C4)

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Services to Other Piano Technicians

Oppor-TUNE-ist Piao Service offers services to other piano technicians.

Technical Presentations:

As any active member should, Mark has made presentations to the members of the Piano Technicians Guild at the chapter and national meetings.

 * Project Management

In a prevous life Mark was a project manager for several large peoducts at a prestigious hi tech company. This presentation provides tools and methods to track time, expenses, resources for larger shop projects like a rebuild.

* Piano Scale Evaluation

This presentation discusses the WHY's and WHAT's of basic piano scale evaluation and the effects of changing material, loading, Data capture and presenting the specs to a winder.

* NEW!!!

Mark is experimenting with a NEW and EXCITING media:
Apple's iBook Author! This is a tool that produces iBooks readable on the Apple iPADs. The first book is an exercise in using this new media and is available for free. Just click on the link ot the left to download it. Copy or move it to your Apple iTunes Library (Books) and sync up the iPad as normal. Yes, feed back is desired. Mail Mark with your comments.

Future iBook projects include the current PDF presentations above. Stay Tuned!

Key Recovering:

Oppor-TUNE-ist Piano Service has the facilities to do key recovering. Plain white .050 plastic at $200 + shipping. Call or write for more information and options.


Scale Evaluation Services:

Mark developed the SCALEMASTER Scale evaluation software tool suite. It used to be for sale.

The application is out to a hand full of technicains, but the current interface and data entry has always been "clunky". The application is extremely powerfull and contains a complete complement of options. As a result, it has been a problem in support, not to mention sales that never developed.

The present plans for the appliction is to make it a web based "cloud" kind of application with a subscription fee to use. That will need to wait though until the ecconomy betters or social security kicks in.

So, for now, Mark is offering a evaluation service. It takse 2+ hours to input the supplied data, do an analysis ands prepare the recommended scale and return documentation.

As the customer, you need to supply the measurements, the String Winder you wish to use and the particulars about the piano. You get back a set of graphics you may share with your client showing the propsed changes in Tension, Volume, and Inharmonicity, a winding sheet with recommended core, inner and outer wire sizes with start and stop lengths from the loop at 0 tension, and the complete scale sheet to complete the plain wire replacements. There are tools and instructions available to capture and send the data.

Call or write for more information.

Beat Rates:

Mark created these beat rate sound files using a "clack" sound and an audio editor to place them in the sound track.

7 BPS for the F3-A3 3rd,
9 BPS for the A3-C#4 3rd,
11 BPS for the C#4-F4 3rd (thirds stacking),

1 BPS for the A3-D4 4th and

3:5 BPS for the F3-C4 5th.

If they help, Great!!