There are two main purposes for this experiment:
* Watch the garden as it progresses through the year,
* Demonstrate the features of panoramic photography and virtual tours.

So let's get to it.
The first set of images are broad sweeps of rotation to cover complete sections of the garden. They are comprised of **LOTS** of individual frames sticthed together to make one very wide, not so tall image.
Interesting to view if you have the realestate on your screen and patience to download , but of them selves, not so good for embedded images (the aspect ratio is too dramatic).
Embedded here it a cropped version of the North West Corner sweep of the garden form 4/8/14. It encompases about 60 of the 200 degrees the full panorama holds, but it demonstrates the expanded image concept.


This image may almost be usable on phones and ipads. Just for comparison, the full sized working image is 33763 by 2047 pixels in TIFF, this is 700 by 112 pixels.

Cylindrical Panoramas:
These will be links to the full width, but scalled for network download panoramas that are used in the creation of the virtual tours.

Capture Date 3/18/14
Capture Date 3/23/14
Capture Date 4/8/14
Capture Date 4/21/14
Capture Date 5/1/14
Capture Date 5/9/14
Capture Date 6/10/14
Capture Date 7/12/14

This section presents the Virtual Tours. The fully interactive tour uses the flash player and can only be viewed on desktops and some laptops that have the Adobe Flash Player installed.
Because the Flash Player could not meet the reduced power requirements, it is not and will not be available for mobile devices (Thanks Steve!)
So, I have the flash fully interactive version and the HTML5 Video player version.
In the FLASH version, YOU drive around the yard using your mouse and move between views by clicking on the red hotspots.
The HTML5 Video Player playes a movie (about 90 seconds long), you just go along for the ride. The movie version is created with Adobe After Effects animator and converted from a Quicktime movie to the HTML5 variation.

The tours are only of the latest round of capture.

Flash tour starts in the Front Yard

Get Adobe Flash player

Test Video

HTML5 Video tour (for mobile)