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3D Stereograms:

Hawaii in 3D: stereograms

Stereogram? side by side left-right images that require a viewer (presents only the left image to the left eye, the right image to the right eye). Yes, a bit more complicated to make and view. It sometimes takes a bit of practice and experimentation to get "fusion", when the mind sees the 3D. But the advantage in color rendition, more natural feel of depth and control in production makes it my favorite 3D type.

If you do not have a viewer, send an email to me and a donation of $10 to the Maronite Monks (link on the side bar). I'll send you a pair of the cardboard glasses and a cardboard stereogram (side by side 3D) viewer.

While this style of 3D is (IMHO) better to view, its practicality and commercial value is probably less attractive. However, if you have a special event that is for memories, this style and a better viewer may be just the ticket to keep it "REAL". One advantange is even with out a viewer, the worst case is two images to see.