St. Michael's Armory Audio - Video Studio

3D Anaglyphic (red/blue glasses):

Hawaii in 3D.

These images from one of our trips to Maui are rendered in 3D anaglyphics. That means the left and right images are filtered to remove all of the RED from one, and all of the CYAN from the other, then blend them into a single image. The Red and Cyan offset images then dissappear when the red and cyan glasses are used to view the image.

If you do not have the glasses, send an email to me and a donation of $10 to the Maronite Monks (link on the side bar). I'll send you a pair of the glasses and a stereogram (side by side 3D) viewer.

So what kind of practicality or commercial advantage might 3D bring to you? It might be a good tool for some education, show off items it a way to make a better sale on the net. The paper glasses are pretty inexpensive and my be worth the extra add cost. Or, just because its FUN!