A week in a great place

This year our friend took the group to Yosemite National Park for teh first week in June 2014.

We had a great time with family and friends. All in all the group was about 22 people.

I spent most of my camera time with 3D stereograms, the image above is one of the few 2D'.

I'm going to guess it a view toward Half Dome. It's a 3 element (sections) vertical Panoramic shot. It also contains one of my favorite, though seldom allowed, subjects, Margie, on her scooter.


Some 3D images.

I find that working in Stereograms (side by side) 3D images brings three really great advantages of the red/blue anaglyphic (blended) images:

1) Far better color rendition. With anaglyphic the images appear darker, the greens are lost, and so reds go away.

2) I find the depth perception to be more realistic- like you're there. The anaglyphic images give a feel of depth "layers".

3) If you don't have the needed stereoscopic viewer, then you get to see 2 very similar images next to each other, but both images are complete. Viewing an anaglyic image with out the glasses make you feel you've been drinking with the red-combined-blue offset image elements.


Oh BOY! 3D Video!

Some of the group did the hike up half dome. I knew If I tried that it would end with a helicopter ride! Mat wore the GoPro stereo pair for the climb. Watch the video.