St. Michael's Armory Audio - Video Studio

Product Descriptions

Sound Re-enforcement for small venues: In addition to the production and post production work for audio recordings, Mark can provide mixers, amplifiers and speaker systems to assist audio coverage for small venues. An excelent example of this type of work has been piping music and MC announcements through out the Retreat House for various events, coverage in the grand room for special guest lecture series there. Mark was the sound engineer (and lights designer) for a live play at St. Cecilia's Parish recently. The mics, mix, balance and amplification was provided by St. Michael's Armory. Live recording of special performaces such as Church Choirs from recording to mix to mastering to CD's are offered. Perhaps your band is ready to make a CD sampler to promote the group? Many musicians are very comfortable doing thier own recordings, however, the diference between thier own recording and a recording engineer, may be a selfie to a portrait.

Why not just have uncle Bob video the event? Does uncle Bob bring multiple simultanious cameras recording? Does he use professional sound capture equipment? Or have the multicamera editors and video post production tools with years of production experience?
St. Michael's Armory does.

St. Michael's Armory offers video production for most any special need. Projects have included lecture series, combination of live presenter and slides. A very recent project has been a fellow piano technician demonstrations of the special needs, tools and techniques in evaluation and tuning of antiques square grand pianos. The end product will be a DVD to accompany the book he's writing.

SMA has also produced video segments for other people's web sites. Mark does the underwater video, his dive partner, Ed, does the stills Check out the Molokini and Barges movies on the side bar.

General Photography:
Mark has special equipment to do the complete 360 Spherical virtual tours, panoramic virtual tours for real estate and other product imaging. The Garden link in the side bar is a fun tour of a garden as it grew from spring to fall.

Specialized Photography and Videography:


Anaglyphic and Stereographic images in both still and movies! Anaglyphic is the red/cyan composites and require the red/cyan glasses to view. Stereograms are left and right images side by side. They require a stereoscope viewer to enjoy. Send a $10 donation to the Maronite Monks of Jesus Mary and Joseph , and an Email to Mark with your address, he'll send you a cardboard pair of glasses and a cardboard stereoscope.

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