St. Michael's Armory Audio - Video Studio

Tools and Capability

Audio tools include several general and special purpose professional quality mics, an eight track digital recording station/mixer, small digital stereo recorders, signal processors, and several software audio editors and processors.

The studio also has a rather complete set of royalty free music and a special software appliction that allows for very creative scoring of video segments.

Multiple video recorders can be brought to a project. Mark uses small consumer grade cameras such as Kodak Easy share HD video recorders (6), GoPro cameras (4), and Sony Video recorders (3). The software tools include the Adobe CC series with multicamera editing, color corection, special effects tools.

The purpose of selecting the small cameras is to support unobtrusive stationery cameras to capture the small venues and special events with out detracting for the event itself. This is especially useful for captureing baptisms, first communions or other events in churches where particular care needs to be taken to remain reverent and respectful.

The studio has the ability to "re master" older audio to clean it up, even old reel to reel tapes!

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