St. Michael's Armory Audio - Video Studio


Some Background

Mark Gallant has been a performing musician, an "on air" radio personality, and production engineer for a live call in radio program. He has also served as a sound and recording engineer for various gigs. His 22 year career at Intel was primarily in software engineering and software quality assurance. Today, the "day job" is a full time independent piano technician.

The concept of St. Michael's Armory came about when Mark started to record novenas and other spiritual materials for his wife when her vision no longer alowed her to read. He started releasing those recordings through  Our Lady of Peace Retreat Center's gift store to help cover the cost of production and also to assist the Sisters with the profits. Mark continues to help the Sisters with thier sound system, computers and other tasks.

One of the assignments there has been to record both audio and video of several of the Summer Institute Series to allow the attendees the opportunity to "take home" the presentations. The CD's and DVD's were sold with all profits above the production costs going to the Retreat Center.

The name "St. Michael's Armory" is in honor of St. Michael Our Defender In Battle against evil. An armory being where a warrior houses his weapons and tools of battle.

While the primary purpose of St. Michael's Armory is to produce spiritual content audio and video products, other products are now offered. Training, advertisments, baptism, and other small venue - special events are the most common. The intent is to provide lower cost solutions to your audio, video, and photographic needs and help continue to increase the capabilies and professionalism of this project.

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